Meet The Dream Team

Parag Dutta brings with him the experience of the finest calibre of management education in India, having an EPBM from IIM-Kolkata, and a degree in hotel management from the Indian Hotel Management Institute. He has 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, with 10 years of experience in hotels, and the rest in restaurant chains. Parag has also played the role of a consultant in previous projects, since one of his specialties lies in building start-ups and enterprise from the ground up, and gradually helping them attain geographical scale after successfully launching. He has a particular interest in launching start-ups in the restaurant and QSR fields. A testment to his innovative management style and excellent leadership abilities is that he has held leadership roles with GFA (Pizza corner, Coffee World, and Cream and Fudge Factory), Yo China, Kaati Zone, and the Nilgiris group, aprt from other large restaurants both in India and abroad.

Suresh Nathani comes from the family business of garments exports over 25 years of experience from setting up the factory,line up from manufacturing to exports, Suresh Nathani has gathered a diverse range of experience from continental to Indian food setting up operation on large scale which saw him play and instrumental role in the operation of MAMAS PIZZERIA AND CAFE, Suresh is a rare breed of managerial and culinary finesse, and looks forword to scale Baba da Dhaba up to the full potential of its promise, with his unique abilites and skill sets Suresh is hands on at all levels of operations from purchase, producaion, building of new outlets, preopening & opening of outlets & ensuring operating profitability within a few months.

Having Immense experience in hotel industry stretching from 5 star hotel or QSR model worked over-seas for more than 10 years in fine dining as head chef and locally for 8+ years as a product development lead with process driven at Chai Point and focused on vendor management. The only chef from Kaati Zone to set up a Hub in New Jersey (States) with over looking there Commissary and new product development, holding 3 years in hotel management with diploma in catering operations.